Regina Dalkalacheva / Bulgaria

Granted in June 2017


Born in 1964 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Regina Dalkalacheva has been a professor of bookmaking and illustration and teaching at the national art academy in her hometown since 1992. Since she finished her studies at the academy she has also been working as an illustrator and designer of books, and in 1997 she was a master student at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in the area of advertising and visual communication, and in 1998 she was a grantholder at the International Youth Library in Munich. In addition, in 1998 she received an award from UNESCO's Minority Rights Group International for her illustrations and the book design of an entire series of educational, language, and fairy tale books: "Romani (Gypsy) Fairy Tales."

Regina Dalkalacheva has participated in numerous exhibitions in her home country and abroad. Her works were shown at, among other locations, the Gedok Gallery in Munich in 2011, which is why she was an artist-in-residence at the Ebenböck House in Munich. In 2012, as part of the "Rendezvous" exhibition at Gedok Gallery, she came to Villa Waldberta and established lasting contacts to the Munich art scene.

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Regina Dalkalacheva / Bulgaria

Regina Dalkalacheva and Fan Zhang are part of an art project that deals with "Cities on Rivers" and which was developed by the Munich artist Reinhild Gerum.