Walter Ruva / Uganda

Granted from March until May 2017


Born in Kampala, Walter Ruva discovered his passion for dance at an early age. He specializes in hip-hop and dance hall, as well as in traditional Ugandan dance, and contemporary African and Latin American dance. He is a member of various dance companies, he is the director of his own dance group, and he holds African dance and percussion workshops under the name "Uncle Walter's Workout."


In recent years Walter Ruva has traveled extensively in Africa and Europe, and he has worked for different festivals in, among other countries, Germany; Sweden; Switzerland; and the Netherlands. To him, art – and especially dance – is a universal language. Via the project "UMOJA" he is participating in an international exchange program with Kenia; Tanzania; Norway; Rwanda; and Ethiopia, where the different cultures encounter one another through music, dance, and acrobatics.

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Walter Ruva / Uganda
Music / Sound, Choreographie

Philip Buyi's stay in 2016 at Villa Waldberta was the foundation of a cooperation between Ugandan artists and people active in the Munich art scene, which was substantially promoted and organized by the Munich curator Horst Konjetzny. Workshops and scenic interventions took place at Theater Hoch X in April.