Philip Buyi Roy / Uganda

Granted from March until May 2017


The Ugandan choreographer Philip Buyi spent a month in 2016 at Villa Waldberta on the initiative of Horst Konjetzny, a curator in Munich, in order to – with the help of the Department of Arts and Culture – start a network for the Munich street art and dance scene, and to encourage future projects.

Philip Buyi is better known in relevant circles by the name Pheel Kkoolo. He was born in Kampala, and he discovered his dance talent already during his years in school. He currently works as a choreographer, costume designer, dancer, and dramaturge for the successful East African dance company "Tabu Flo." In addition, he is the owner of his own fashion label "Kkoolo," which designs trendy Afro-urban fashion.

Philip Buyi is also a member of the Breakdance Project Uganda, a nonprofit organization that strives to build a bridge between privileged and less privileged children; the project is meant to bring together people from different social classes, folk groups, and religions. In recent years, Philip Buyi also acted in film and theater productions. In cooperation with schools, dance studios, and various organizations he has been holding his own workshops for some time now.

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Philip Buyi Roy / Uganda

Philip Buyi's stay in 2016 at Villa Waldberta was the foundation of a cooperation between Ugandan artists and people active in the Munich art scene, which was substantially promoted and organized by the Munich curator Horst Konjetzny. Workshops and scenic interventions took place at Theater Hoch X in April.