Kadir Fadhel / Iraq

Granted from September until October 2017


This Iraqi artist was born in 1977 in Bagdad, and in 2015 he finished his studies at the art academy in his hometown. After he studied calligraphy and visual art he worked in crossover media, working in painting, graphics, photography, video, performance, and installation. In 2015 he received the Ishtar Award for Young Artists for his work.

Kadir Fadhel is one of the founders of the "TARKIB Bagdad Contemporary Arts Festival" in 2015. In the last two years he has been participating in exhibitions primarily in Bagdad, and he has also been active in that city with performances and happenings. In addition, he participated in an exhibition in collaboration with the Goethe Institute Iraq that took place in his homeland and in Germany.

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Kadir Fadhel / Iraq
Bildende Kunst

The Munich artist Michaela Rotsch met him and began to appreciate his work while working on a project in Iraq in 2015, and with the aid of the Department of Arts and Culture in Munich she invited him to stay for one month at Villa Waldberta in 2016. Kadir Fadhel is not only participating in the Overflow Project, he is also exhibiting his works in a tent on September 23, 2017 at the AnderArt Festival at Odeonsplatz in Munich.