Te-Yu Wang / Taiwan

Granted in September 2017


Born in 1970 in Taiwan, Wang received her first college degree in 1993 in visual arts from the national art institute, and in 2005 she received her master's degree from the University of Taipei. She has been a member of the art collective "New Paradise Gallery" since 1995.

Te-Yu Wang works with expansive, soft sculptures, or with giant balloon-like objects filled with air that are designed to establish a relationship to the space and the visitors. The assembly of the installations and sewing of the fabrics for the objects are very elaborate, but in return they normally can also be used interactively; in other words, visitors can walk into them and experience them. Visitors can "re-experience" themselves spatially and physically via Wang's objects.


This artist has shown her works in several solo and group exhibitions for the most part in Taiwan, but also in Japan and France. In 2016 she stayed in Munich for two months in order to exhibit her works at the "Apartment of Art."

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Te-Yu Wang / Taiwan

Already in 2016 Te-Yu Wang and Weilong stayed at Villa Waldberta for two months, which was initiated by the Munich artist Lars Köpsel, and they left such an impression with their works that they were invited for an additional month to participate in a new project in 2017. They will show one of their impressive installations with a performance in September at The Church of St. Lukas in the Lehel city quarter. In addition, they are integrated into the Overflow Project, which will be produced at the same time with other artists from Villa Waldberta.