Dewa Alit / Bali

Granted from January until February 2017


Dewa Ketut Alit is from a renowned family of musicians in South Bali, where he attended the traditional arts school. In 1997 he founded with his brothers the Gamelan group Çudamani, which quickly became known as one of the best groups and not just in their own country; after several tours they also became well-known internationally. In 2007 Dewa Alit founded his own formation in order to better realize his special concept of new music for the Gamelan.

Dewa Alit designed the instruments himself and he also developed their very own unique tuning. Today this musician is considered to be one of the leading composers on Bali and he works with artists from all over the world. His works are performed at many renowned festivals and international events, such as, for example, "Semara Wisaya," performed by the group Galak Tika from Boston in Carnegie Hall in New York City in 2004, or "Pocket Gamelan" with the percussion group Talujon in New York in 2014. He was invited along with other artists from Indonesia to Frankfurt am Main, Germany, for a project of the Ensemble Modern, where his 15-minute work "Open my door" had its world premiere in October 2015.

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Dewa Alit / Bali
Music / Sound

Dewa Alit was invited by the music collection department of the Münchner Stadtmuseum for preparing the Gamelan Festival which will take place in 2018