Anthony Vitale Wayne / USA

Granted in February 2017


Wayne Vitale studied under and worked with the most prominent and best musicians and music ensembles in Bali, and he also comprehensively documented their work. His compositions for the bronze Gamelan encompass a stylistic spectrum from traditional music to experimental forms. His works have been performed by notable Balinese Gamelan orchestras.

Wayne Vitale is a cofounder of and a composer for Lightbulb Ensemble, a group of twelve percussionists who work at the interface of Balinese and Western music, in other words, between tradition and innovation. In addition, he is a founding member and the former head (1992-2009) of Gamelan Sekar Jaya, an ensemble of sixty musicians and dancers with an unparalleled international reputation for its intercultural programs. His record label Vital Records publishes premium-quality recordings of new and traditional Balinese music. He also devotes himself to tuning and restoring Gamelan instruments in the U.S. and Europe, in order to reconstruct these extremely ornate Balinese instruments.

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Anthony Vitale Wayne / USA
Music / Sound

Wayne Vitale has been invited by the music department of the Münchner Stadtmuseum to prepare for a large gamelan festival, which will take place in Munich in 2018.