Aafke de Jong / Netherlands & Bali

Granted from February until March 2017


After training in Western modern dance, classical ballet, and jazz dance at the dance academy at Codarts Rotterdam, Aafke de Jong traveled to Bali on a scholarship. She studied there traditional Balinese dance at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI), Department of the Performing Arts, in Denpasar. In addition, she took private lessons from renowned Balinese artists. During her five-year stay in Bali she founded the Centre for Balinese Art & Culture Dwi-Bhumi ("two worlds").

In 1999 de Jong finished her studies in Indonesian languages and cultures with her dissertation on the development of the famous Balinese court dance "Legong Keraton." In 2003 she returned to the Netherlands, where for many years now she has been a dance instructor at the Codarts World Music and Dance Centre in Rotterdam. Not only is she involved in nurturing traditional Balinese dance, she also consistently develops contemporary choreographies, which usually deal with the conflict between traditional and Western forms of dance and concepts of culture.

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Aafke de Jong / Netherlands & Bali
Music / Sound, Dance

All of the guests in February are part of the Gamelan Festival, which is being organized by the music department of the Münchner Stadtmuseum and will take place in 2018; the artists are already busy preparing for the festival.