Larry Reed / USA

Granted in March 2017


This internationally renowned theater artist is one of the few Americans who studied and trained in the shadow theater of Bali. In 1972, he founded ShadowLight Production to reinvigorate the art of shadow theater, but also in order to create innovative and interdisciplinary works. To do this, Larry Reed developed his very own method that combines traditional techniques, cinematic effects, and modern styles of dance and theater.

All of the works of ShadowLight Productions are multidisciplinary and have music especially composed for each work, and are created in cooperation with authors, choreographers, composers, actors, designers, and puppeteers from every possible theater tradition and country. His works have received numerous awards.

Larry Reed speaks five languages fluently; he has not only worked has a puppeteer, but also as an author and a director, and he has made many films – for instance, "Shadow Master," a sensitive portrait of a Balinese family of artists, or most recently "Ghosts of the River" in 2013. The publishing house Einhorn-Verlag has published his standard work in German; the book is entitled "Schattentheater."

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Larry Reed / USA
Theater, Dance

Larry Reed is part of the Gamelan Festival, which is being organized by the music department of the Münchner Stadtmuseum in 2018; the artists are already busy preparing for this festival. Their closing performance will be open to the public and take place on Friday, March 24, 2017 at the Münchner Stadtmuseum. For further details, please check the daily newspapers.