Catherine Nakawesa / Uganda

Granted from March until May 2017


Catherine Nakawesa is a dancer, choreographer, and author. She was exposed to dance for the first time in 2001 while studying engineering, and after she finished her studies she turned this passion into her profession. Since then she has worked extensively on her dance career and attended different schools in Senegal, Burkina Faso, and South Africa. In the meantime, she has developed a broad spectrum: traditional and contemporary African dance belong to her repertoire as well as classical ballet, improvised dance forms, and hip-hop.

Catherine Nakawesa is currently the director of the Beautiful Feet Dance Company, which for the most part is devoted to working with young female dancers and is managing a health project that combines dance with holistic perceptions of the human body. In addition, she is participating in a dance, photography, and film project that works on an artistic perspective of street children worldwide. She especially likes to work in an interdisciplinary manner with artists of every genre in order to develop new types of movement, creativity, and communication.

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Catherine Nakawesa / Uganda

Philip Buyi's stay in 2016 at Villa Waldberta was the foundation of a cooperation between Ugandan artists and people active in the Munich art scene, which was substantially promoted and organized by the Munich curator Horst Konjetzny. Workshops and scenic interventions took place at Theater Hoch X in April.