Kiryowa Fahadhi / Uganda

Granted from March until May 2017


Born in Kampala, this dancer displayed his talent as an athlete and actor at an early age. Since 2008 he has been traveling as a breakdancer and displaying his abilities as a leader, and very soon he was on his way all over Uganda working for the Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU). This nonprofit, voluntary organization uses breakdance, hip-hop, art, and education to recognize and support young people's skills in Uganda.

This led to a portrait of Fahadhi in a documentary film on breakdance and hip-hop across the globe ("Shake the Dust," 2014). In the meantime, he has become a sought-after teacher internationally as well and he has held his dance workshops in many European countries and in the U.S.

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Kiryowa Fahadhi / Uganda

Philip Buyi's stay in 2016 at Villa Waldberta was the foundation of a cooperation between Ugandan artists and people active in the Munich art scene, which was substantially promoted and organized by the Munich curator Horst Konjetzny. Workshops and scenic interventions took place at Theater Hoch X in April.