Nomwindé Vivien Sawadogo / Burkina Faso

Granted from March until May 2017


Born in 1981 in Ouagadougou, this artist discovered at an early age a passion for photography as a witness to contemporary history. He also studied drawing, painting, and sculpture for several years in his home country.

Sawadogo's research on traditional decorative scars and customs, which have a strong connection to aesthetics and sociology, led him to establish relationships between them and the tattoos and piercings of today's young generation. He is particularly interested in the deteriorating ruins of his culture's monuments, but also in the "small people," in other words, all of the unknown artisans, servants, and workers – he would like to give them their dignity back through his photographs.

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Nomwindé Vivien Sawadogo / Burkina Faso

The three photographers Nomwindé Sawadogo, Issa Nikiema and Harouna Marané are part of the project "Die afrikanische Revolution - Burkina Faso 2014" ("The African Revolution - Burkina Faso 2014"), and they are showing their works from March 30 –June 5, 2017 at the Munich School of Adult Education's Aspekte-Galerie in the Gasteig Cultural Center in Munich. In addition, they will work on a new project during their stay; the project has to do with Munich as an urban space. The project was initiated and organized by Peter Stepan, the former director of the Goethe Institutes in Burkina Faso and Rwanda.