Gero König / Germany

Granted in June 2017


Born in 1972, Gero König lives in Cologne and works as a composer, performer, instrument inventor, and media artist. Issues regarding an enhancement of hearing led him to sound and perception research and the construction of new instruments. He designs software and interactive graphic video scores, in order to intensify the feedback between the composer, interpreter, and the audience.

Gero König studied piano and composition at the Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf. He has been creating compositions and producing concert performances since 2002 with location-specific visual dramaturgy and staging, such as for example at Basilica St. Gereon in Cologne; at SAFE AND SOUND in Belgrade; Audio Art in Cracow; and Signalraum in Munich. From of the deconstruction of the piano he developed the "chordeograph" as an instrument and method to create sound.

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Gero König / Germany
Music / Sound

On the recommendation of the Munich curator Host Konietzny, Gero König was invited to present his works on June 29, 2017 at Münchner Stadtmuseum in the Music Department, as part of the "One of a Kind" series.