Jarek Lustych / Poland

Granted from June until July 2017


The visual artist Jarek Lustych was born in 1961, and he works and lives in Warsaw. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in his hometown until 1986, and afterwards he received a two-year scholarship from the Polish government; since then, his works have been shown in exhibitions in many - and for the most part - European countries. Lustych has made a name for himself in the meantime as a land art artist, and for this reason, among others, he was offered a grant from the Joan Miró Foundation in Mallorca, and more recently from the Japanese city of Nakasatsunai.

In his works, Jarek Lustych has consistently looked for the beauty and secrecy in everyday objects and made them visible. Now he has turned to sounds. He currently is working intensively with the Aeolian harp and its principle of function; he would like to use it to make flowing water audible and experienceable.

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Jarek Lustych / Poland
Music / Sound

Carlotta Brunetti, an artist from Starnberg, Germany, and Cornelia Osswald-Hoffmann, an artist from Munich, have invited Jarek Lustych to participate in their water art project, and the results will be shown at, among other places, Müllersches Volksbad and Domagk-Halle in Munich.