Fan Zhang / China

Granted from June until July 2017


Fan Zhang was born in 1977 in China and she studied German. In 2004 she received her doctorate from the Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) and the University of Heidelberg. She has been a professor and teaching as a member of the faculty in the Shanghai International Studies University's German department since 2012, and she also has been working on various research projects, publications, and translations. Fan Zhang has received several research awards and honors for her work, such as in 2007 when she was selected as one of the "Ten Best Professors at the Shanghai International Studies University," and in 2015 she received the "Elite Scientist Award."

As part of her study and research assignments Fan Zhang has been coming to Germany frequently since 1996. In August 2016 she was invited by the International Youth Library in Munich to be a guest scientist there.

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Fan Zhang / China

Regina Dalkalacheva and Fan Zhang are part of an art project that deals with "Cities on Rivers" and which was developed by the Munich artist Reinhild Gerum.