Young-Eun Chang / South Korea

Granted from June until July 2017


This Korean specialist in German studies, born in 1960, not only received a degree in Seoul but also from the University of Bamberg, where she published a work on Ludwig Tieck. Because she translated works by Erich Kästner into Korean (and also works by Rilke; Stefan Zweig; and Jostein Gaarder), she started to become interested in literature for children and youths, and for that reason she was also, among other institutions, at the International Youth Library in Munich as a guest scholar in 2016.

She has been a professor of German in Seoul at the university since 2004, and she is active in a leading position in diverse German literary and scientific associations in Korea (for example, the Brecht Society; Goethe Society; E.T.A. Hoffmann Society; and Kafka Society).

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Young-Eun Chang / South Korea
Wissenschaften, Literatur

Young-Eun Chang and Fan Zhang are part of an art project that deals with "cities on rivers," which was developed by the Munich artist Reinhild Gerum; she met the two specialists in German studies in 2016 at the International Youth Library in Munich.