Lin Weilong / Taiwan

Granted in September 2017


Born in 1985 in Taipei, Wei-Lung Lin studied from 2008 - 2011 at the national art academy, and today he is the head of and a producer at a studio producing art films in Taiwan, and he also works as a curator. He belongs to a young generation of Taiwanese artists who work in cross-genres, in performance, installation, and video.

In 2013 Lin received the art award from the University of Taipei for his extraordinary achievements, and in 2015 he also received a new media award from the Taiwanese art museum Kaohsiung. This artist has shown his works in numerous solo and group exhibitions, which were exclusively in Taiwan up until 2016. During his two-month stay last year at Villa Waldberta he exhibited his works at the "Apartment of Art" in Munich.

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Lin Weilong / Taiwan

Already in 2016 Weilong and Te-Yu Wang stayed at Villa Waldberta for two months, which was initiated by the Munich artist Lars Köpsel, and they left such an impression with their works that they were invited for an additional month to participate in a new project in 2017. They will show one of their impressive installations with a performance in September at The Church of St. Lukas in the Lehel city quarter. In addition, they are integrated into the Overflow Project, which will be produced at the same time with other artists from Villa Waldberta.