Marta Bosowska / Poland

Granted from October until December 2017


Born in 1984, this Polish performance artist studied at the art academy in Posen and finished her studies in sculpture and art in public spaces with distinction. Marta Bosowska is currently teaching performance art in Posen at the university, and she is also active internationally in performance art with lectures, workshops, and symposiums.

Her installations and performances frequently have to do with memory as a medium and as part of a creative process. Her works have been shown not only in her home country but also in many European countries, and this took her to Namibia in 2017.

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Marta Bosowska / Poland
Installations, Performance

Marta Bosowska, Akuzura Tala and Dimple Shah are part of a large performance project by the Munich artist Dorothea Seror; the project deals with old and new rituals of women. For three months, "Beyond Ritual – Body of Power" will feature workshops at different locations as well as religious, therapeutic, and shamanic ritual performances.