Denis Saraginowski / Macedonia

Granted from November until December 2017


OPA (Obsessive Possessive Aggression) is a cooperative founded in 2001 by Slobodanka Stevčeska and Denis Sraginovski in Macedonia. Both of them studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts – Skopje; they work along the boundaries of art, media, and performances. OPA focuses on everyday cultural and social subjects by dealing intensively with societies' ways of thinking and manners of behavior in a social and political context.

OPA has had solo exhibitions in, among other countries, Macedonia; Estonia; Croatia; Slovenia; France; the U.S.A.; and the Netherlands. They have participated in group exhibitions in, among other cities, Paris; Berlin; Hildesheim; and Baden. OPA is a member of Kooperacija Initiative. More information can be found on their website: Their works will be exhibited in Munich

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Denis Saraginowski / Macedonia
Performance, Multimedia, Bildende Kunst