Thaís De Medeiros / Brasil

Granted from January until April 2018


Thaís Medeiros is an actor, director, dramaturge, visual artist, and producer. She is a graduate of Teatro Escola Macunaíma and has explored acting for 27 years and developed her own methodology based on body awareness. She has practiced kung fu since 2005, and she currently has a brown belt and is at an advanced stage of the brown belt. Thaís Medeiros' artistic research ranges from experiments in visual art to dramaturgy. Since 1991 she has conceived, managed, performed, and designed as the dramaturge a large number of works and performances, and she has also conducted workshops. She has presented her work in the visual arts field in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, for which she received national as well as international awards. Her works are in several private collections and in the Brazilian parliament's art museum in São Paulo.

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Thaís De Medeiros / Brasil
Choreographie, Schauspielerin, Dramaturgin, Regisseurin

All of the guests in March and April are participants in Magdalena München, the Magdalena Project in Munich; workshops can be booked with most of these high caliber theater and performance women during their stay.

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