Ivan De Medeiros / Brasil

Granted in February 2018


Ivan Medeiros is a musician, performer, producer, and practitioner of martial arts. He deals intensively with diverse rhythms and the relationship between music and physical work, in particular in the area of performance art. He has performed as a percussionist with various music bands in São Paulo, and he was a co-founder of the artist collective Galleria Greta, which was a guest at many festivals, in particular with artistic interventions in public spaces, exhibitions, and workshops. In addition, he has a black belt in kung fu. This versatile artist studied business as well as cultural management at the university in São Paulo; following his studies he worked as managing director at relevant Brazilian companies in the cultural industry. He is also involved in the Magdalena Project, as he frequently works with his mother Thais Medeiros on the contents and organization of her projects.

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Ivan De Medeiros / Brasil
Music / Sound, Performance

All of the guests in February are participants in Magdalena München, the Magdalena Project in Munich; workshops can be booked with most of these high caliber theater and performance women during their stay. In addition, many exciting and very diverse events are planned for the coming weeks. The official start is on Friday, February 2, 2018 at Theater HochX München.

For more information, visit www.magdalenamuenchen.de.