Claudia Urrutia / Chile & France

Granted from August until September 2019


Claudia Urrutia is a singer, actor, and teacher. She received her bachelor's degree in performing arts and her master's degree in fine arts while she was still in Chile. However, she has been living and working for some time now in Clermont-Ferrand in France, where she founded Zumaya Verde, a music and theater company. Carnival, folk festivals, traditional music, and society's flash points are sources of inspiration for her. Claudia Urrutia sees her work as a search for a better understanding of the world, and at the same time as an act of resistance against social injustices. During her stay Urrutia will reflect in her art on her dealings with the situation of girls and women in Latin America and worldwide – by means of songs, dance, and performance. In addition, together with Sylvie Marchand she will present the results of the project "Voz Láctea - Magdalena Tarahumara."

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Claudia Urrutia / Chile & France

Sylvie Marchand and Claudia Urrutia were guests at Villa Waldberta for a month in 2018 as part of the Magdalena Festival. Now they are coming again with the collective Gigacircus, and they will show the results of their work "Voz Láctea - Magdalena Tarahumara" at the KNOT festival in September. For more information, please visit