Sylvie Marchand / France

Granted from August until September 2019


This ethnologist, filmmaker, and multimedia artist has a doctor's degree, and she deals with "relational ecology" in her art; in other words, she examines the connections between humans and nature, and researches art's roots in rituals. Sylvie Marchand has developed many art projects with indigenous artists from South America and Asia. She has regularly attended ceremonies of the Tarahumara, or Rarámuri, which is what they call themselves, in Mexico since 2010, and she has filmed them as part of her performative installation "Continent Rouge." This polyphonic, digital art project combines French, Mexican, and pre-Columbian cultures by following the trail of the French theater author Antonin Artaud across the Sierra Tarahumara (1936), and it conveys the richness of contemporary Rarámuri lyric poetry, which is practically unknown in Europe, via the project "Voz Láctea." During her stay at Villa Waldberta in 2019 she will – together with Lionel Camburet and Lelio Moehr – finish her documentary film about her work in Mexico, in particular about her encounter with the Tarahumara poets Elvira and Erasmo Palma, and she will present it as part of the KNOT festival in Munich.

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Sylvie Marchand / France
Film / Video

Sylvie Marchand and Claudia Urrutia were guests at Villa Waldberta for a month in 2018 as part of the Magdalena Festival. Now they are coming again with the collective Gigacircus, and they will show the results of their work "Voz Láctea - Magdalena Tarahumara" at the KNOT festival in September. For more information, please visit