Jelena Vesić / Serbia

Granted from June until July 2018


This freelance curator, author, and lecturer combines political theory with contemporary art in her publications, research, and exhibitions. She was an editor at the magazines "Prelom – Journal of Images and Politics" (Belgrade, 2001-2010), and "Red Thread" (Istanbul). In addition, she is a member of the committee of publishers at "ARTMargins." Jelena Vesić has published numerous essays on curatorial work, historical science methods, and the politics and history of exhibitions. Her most recent book "On Neutrality" (co-authored by Vladimir Jerić Vlidi and Rachel O’Reilly) devotes itself with the presentation of case studies to the culture and politics of the movement of nonaligned countries, the most significant decolonialization movement of the 20th century.

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Jelena Vesić / Serbia
Kuratorium, Autorin

Jelena Vesić is part of the project "Der Fahrende Raum" ("The Traveling Space"), a socio-cultural project involving art mediation and artistic actions in a municipal context, which will be active for three years (2017-2019) in Munich working with children, youths, and adults as well as alternating artists who will be invited to participate; the project will compile their corresponding experiences. For more information, visit: