Frank Söhnle / Germany

Granted from September until October 2018


The German puppet performer and director Frank Soehnle (born in 1963 in Stuttgart, Germany) studied puppet theater for four years in Stuttgartteil before he became the director in 1987 of the puppet theater "Marotte" in Karlsruhe, Germany. In 1991 he founded with Karin Ersching "figuren theater tübingen," and since then he has performed his solo and ensemble productions all over the globe. The "Encyclopédie Mondiale des Arts de la Marionnette" wrote the following about his work:

"Soehnle's original artistic figures are frequently sexual, human-animalistic, or mythological hybrid beings, which he constructs out of a mixture of specific material and found objects. He prefers to use marionettes that are guided in a free manner, but his spectrum includes objects that transform into figures. His theater moves between literary, personal, and political contexts, such as in the piece "Kinder der Bestie" ("Children of the Beast") from the year 2000, a collaboration with the actor Yehuda Almagor, and in "liquid skin," in collaboration with the Australian dancer James Cunningham. Since 1989 he has been collaborating with the music group rat’n’X. He is a lecturer at diverse colleges and academies (Stuttgart; Berlin; Charleville-Mézières; Jerusalem; Tours)."

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Frank Söhnle / Germany

Sabine Ebner and Frank Söhnle have been invited by Münchner Stadtmuseum to stay at Villa Waldberta, and they and their work will be honored with an exhibition in the galleries of the museum's puppet theater collection.