Lenna Bahule / Brazil & Mozambique

Granted from January until February 2019


The vocalist Lenna Bahule, born in 1989, began her voice training already when she was five years old at the national music school in Maputo, Mozambique. She has been living and working in São Paulo since 2012, where she participates in several musical and performative projects and continuously experiments with her voice and body as instruments. In 2016 she published her first CD entitled "Nômade," which was extremely successful and received countless awards. She is the founder and musical director of the dance group "GUMBOOT Dance Brasil." On January 31, 2019 she will display her vocal and dance art in a concert at the Gasteig Cultural Center in Munich.

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Lenna Bahule / Brazil & Mozambique
Music / Sound, Dance

The choreographer and producer Mario Lopes has been bringing artists from South America, primarily from Brazil, to Munich since 2008 in order to introduce them to audiences in Munich and have them develop subjects and projects with local artists. In 2013 and 2016 PLUSbrasil and platform PLUS were guests at Villa Waldberta. The new project PlusAfroT, for which eight artists are invited to Feldafing in the first quarter of 2019, can be seen simultaneously as a concept, program, and manifest. It deals with Afro-Brazilian culture and racism in the art and culture scene in Brazil and elsewhere.