Mahal Pita / Brazil

Granted in January 2019


The music producer and musician Mahal Pita was born in 1987 in Salvador, and he intensively deals artistically with the transformation of urban cultures in Bahia via the possibilities of technology and the contemporary influences of global communities by interweaving sacral and profane areas. In 2015 he directed the musical spectacle "Looping: Overdub Bahia" and a corresponding platform, which researches the sounds and dance performances of street festivals. In addition, he is the music producer for the multidisciplinary project "Baianasystem" and performs live as part of this project, which combines Bahia guitar sounds with Jamaican sound systems.

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Mahal Pita / Brazil
Music / Sound

The choreographer and producer Mario Lopes has been bringing artists from South America, primarily from Brazil, to Munich since 2008 in order to introduce them to audiences in Munich and have them develop subjects and projects with local artists. In 2013 and 2016 PLUSbrasil and platform PLUS were guests at Villa Waldberta. The new project PlusAfroT, for which eight artists are invited to Feldafing in the first quarter of 2019, can be seen simultaneously as a concept, program, and manifest. It deals with Afro-Brazilian culture and racism in the art and culture scene in Brazil and elsewhere.