Okuhle Dyosopu / South Africa

Granted from April until May 2019


The young filmmaker Okuhle Dyosopu was born in 1992 in Port Elisabeth, South Africa. She graduated with a degree in graphic design from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elisabeth. Dyosopu is currently working on her film project "Missing Middle," a documentary about the "Born Free Generation" in South Africa, well-educated young people who have hip jobs but yet still cannot get out of the townships. She already filmed a television series for the South African broadcaster SABC about this subject. One episode was shown at DOK.fest's partner festival "Encounters" in Cape Town in 2018.

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Okuhle Dyosopu / South Africa
Film / Video

For some time now, the documentary film festival DOK.fest München has been collaborating, with a focus on DOK.network Africa, with African partners. Already in 2016 and 2017 guest artists and creative people involved in areas of culture from Nigeria and Zimbabwe came to Munich – they were at Villa Waldberta and at Ebenböckhaus – in order to participate in DOK.fest or to assist in the organization. In April and Mai 2019 the filmmaker Okuhle Dyosopu from South Africa and the documentary filmmaker Thomas Muziyirwa from Zimbabwe will be guests in Munich.