Thomas Muziyirwa / Zimbabwe

Granted from April until May 2019


The filmmaker and video artist Thomas Muziyirwa was born in 1987 in Harare, Zimbabwe. Muziyirwa took part in international (film) festivals, among others, the Wiener Festwochen in Vienna; the "Infecting the City" festival (Cape Town); the Zanzibar International Film Festival; and the International Images Film Festival For Women in Zimbabwe. His documentary film "Making ends meet" treats the subject of the economic misery in Zimbabwe, which has an unemployment rate of approximately 95%, one of the highest rates in the world; the film was shown in 2018 at the Zimbabwe International Film Festival. With his project "Women of Rock" he would like to examine the role of women in times of political change after the fall of Mugabe.

In addition, Muziyirwa has worked for television and music video productions.

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Thomas Muziyirwa / Zimbabwe
Film / Video

 For some time now, the documentary film festival DOK.fest München has been collaborating, with a focus on Africa, with African partners. Already in 2016 and 2017 guest artists and creative people involved in areas of culture from Nigeria and Zimbabwe came to Munich – they were at Villa Waldberta and at Ebenböckhaus – in order to participate in DOK.fest or to assist in the organization. In April and Mai 2019 the filmmaker Okuhle Dyosopu from South Africa and the documentary filmmaker Thomas Muziyirwa from Zimbabwe will be guests in Munich.