Raphael Daibert / Brasilien

Granted from June until August 2019


Raphael Daibert (b. 1988) lives and works as a scientist, artist, and curator in Sao Paulo. He finished his studies in "international relations" in 2012 at the Pontificia Universidade Católica de Sao Paulo; recently he completed his master's degree in fine arts at the Dutch Art Institute. As a founding member of Lanchonete.org he has specialized in the subjects of urbanism, urban development, and the housing industry, in particular against the background of human rights and minority rights. And so he began his career at Organisation Conectas Human Rights, but he also has been working on action programs regarding the LGBT community and on the subject of "habitation," for example, in projects such as Queer City (since 2015); Zona da Mata (2016); and "Neighborhood Museum" (2017). Daibert has published his works in scientific journals and on scientific websites, for the most part on ArtsEverywhere.ca, and he continuously participates in artistic-educational experiments – such as, for example, Free Home University (Italy) and Gorca Earth Care (Slovenia). He recently became a member of the research group "Decolonial Futures" at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

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Raphael Daibert / Brasilien
Kurator, Wissenschaftler, Künstler

Paula Van Erven and Raphael Daibert from Sâo Paulo, Brazil, are coming to Villa Waldberta as part of a cooperation with the municipal Kunsthalle Lothringer 13 / Florida. As members of the collective "Lanchonete“ (lanchonete.org) they deal with the developments of metropolises, with the gentrification and transformation of society, of city quarters, local communities, and neighborly co-existence, inspired by Henri Lefebvre's concept of "the right to the city." For more information, visit here