On the international artist-in-residence Villa Waldberta

Documentations have been published about the guests at Villa Waldberta and their projects in Munich. They can be downloaded here as PDF files and are available in print free-of-charge – solange der Vorrat reicht.

Yearbook 2005 to 2009

Yearbook 2010

Yearbook 2011

Yearbook 2012

Yearbook 2013-2017

Villa Waldberta, Frottages and Poetry 2014

Publications by guests:

The following publications are available free-of-charge upon request:

Das Sisi Projekt.
Gedichte und Prosatexte von Sandra Gugić, Augusta Laar, Judith Nika Pfeifer, Sophie Reyer (2012)

Next Generation. Young American Photography. Dean Dempsey, Will Steacy and Ami Elkins, exhibition catalogue, 2012.

Pangaea. Austausch München-Quitó, Lucía Falconí, Nicolás Kingman and Fabiano Kueva, Juana Cordova, exhibition catalogue, 2012.

A strong desire to see the world: Isi Kunath, exhibition catalogue, 2010.

Cuadernos de Villa Waldberta / Aufzeichnungen aus der Villa Waldbertavon Cano Harkaitz / Igerabide Juan Kruz, 2009.

The Department of Art and Culture of the City of Munich
Abteilung 3 / Villa Waldberta
Dr. Martin Rohmer
Burgstrasse 4
80331 Munich, Germany


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Literature tip

Cosmopolite Meeting Place and Artists' House The Villa Waldberta: A Mirror of the 20th Century by Tobias Mahl

AlliteraVerlag, edition monacensia, 2006.

In German and English; available at book stores for 15.90 euros